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Eysenck test

Known methods of determining the level of intelligence, self-esteem and temperament were developed by the British scientist-psychologist H. J. Eysenck. He was born in Germany, after coming to power of the government of Hitler emigrated to England. He is a representative of the biological direction in psychology, the creator of the famous three-factor theory of personality.

There are 8 different tests to determine the level of intelligence IQ in the group:

  • five sectional;
  • three specialized (identify features at different levels: geometric, numerical, verbal).

The first five tests have 40 questions in each, three specialized tests have 50 questions each. They are intended for people aged 18 to 60 years. A feature of the tests is a model one, since in each it is easy to find an analogy and relate the situation to a specific professional field. When solving tasks, it is taken into account that the correct answer is only one, although in some tasks, at first glance, other solutions are possible. But the bottom line is that to solve and search for an answer, you must use all the information of the task, without ignoring any fact.

Also, scientists have created an EPI questionnaire (to identify the type of temperament), in which various changes have been made over two decades. Currently using the latest version with 57 questions. The result — determining the type of temperament, obtaining data on scales.

Self-assessment testing reveals a personal mental state in four categories. Includes 40 questions related to different mental states.

Testing based on assignments of Eysenck is applied in psychology, vocational guidance, education, industry.

Take the test of Eysenck.

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