Corporate training for employees by BrainApps

Develop mental and soft skills of the team

I want to boost my team I want to boost my team

Consistently increase productivity of the team

Your employees study online at their convenience and develop the skills needed to work in their field.

Increase your desire to act and work on the result

Create additional non-financial motivation for development. Invest in the development of a mature team.

Keep track at the progress of each employee

A user-friendly dashboard helps both you and your staff keep track of your statistics and progress in skills development.

Cognitive development simulators for employees

Employees improve memory, attention, creativity and logic by studying directly in the browser or from their phone at a convenient time.


Training courses for soft skills development

Project management, presentation skills, negotiation and stress management - a growing library of dozens of courses to pump up your team.

Training courses for soft skills development

Assessment of the leadership potential and strengths of team members

With precise tests and a user-friendly interface, the HR manager and supervisor clearly understand how to manage each employee’s motivation and who is worth promoting.

Assessment of the leadership potential and strengths of team members

A user-friendly management and progress tracking system for the team

Our developers prepare a personal executive account with a personalised approach to your needs. You will be able to schedule tests, monitor your mentees’ growth dynamics in detail and more…

A user-friendly management and progress tracking system for the team

BrainApps for a team leader is...

Mature team
As they develop, they begin to take responsibility and tackle tasks on their own without your supervision and total control. It’s easier to do business.
Employee loyalty
Every time we see how the employees appreciate the care they are receiving - about their future, their skills and their development. They want to do their best. The turnover is decreasing.
Education is now easier
All employees are trained online. Their development no longer depends on where they live and their family circumstances. You really save money on training.

BrainApps for an employee is...

A quantum leap in development
You learn skills that will be useful not only in work but also in everyday life. It’s easier for you communicate with people and perform tasks.
Reducing stress
You will learn how to multitask and stop getting nervous about work. You will learn to rest, to be productive.
New interest
Learning on BrainApps will be a rewarding hobby for you. It is not dull lectures, but real games, making you super-human.

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