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The modern world is oversaturated by the information flow, and our brain is constantly experiencing an overload that leads to disruptions in the work of cognitive functions. It is difficult to remember the most important thing from overexertion at work, the constant switching between different businesses does not allow to concentrate, and the head by the end of the day is so full of various worries that it is impossible to think ... It is estimated that around 2 billion people worldwide face similar problems, and the number of such people is steadily growing.


To solve problems with a constant load on the brain and the destruction of cognitive functions, we created the BrainApps project, which, as your personal trainer, selects an individual fitness program for the brain. Our program was developed jointly with scientists from the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Lomonosov and clinical psychologists from famous Moscow clinics. For optimal balance between competent loads and the maximum result, we use gaming technologies based on the most effective methods for developing cognitive functions of foreign and domestic researchers. Pleasant design, optimal workload and individual system of classes will help you to practice only a few times a week and develop every day, reach new heights in work and daily life.

Fitness for the brain will be useful at any age: children and adolescents will help develop memory, improve intelligence and reach new heights in the learning process. For middle-aged people, training cognitive functions increases work capacity, improve attention and work memory. In old age they keep mental work at a high level.

Join our project and gain access to daily training to develop your abilities and achieve new goals.

Our achievements:

The most prestigious international awards
The finalists of the best social projects competition in 2016(SAP)
The finalists of the best social projects competition in 2016(SAP)

BrainApps entered the top 10 of socially significant projects in Russia.

Финалисты конкурса прикладных идей молодых ученых в области нейронаук –  УМНИК
The finalists of the "UMNIK" projects competition;

Neurorehabilitation is a new trend that embraces our team. We are finalising our special version of BrainApps for medical institutions.

Топ 3 образовательных проекта по версии Московской школы управления Сколково
BrainApps entered the top 3 educational projects of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management

BrainApps entered the top 3 educational projects of Skolkovo business-school. The prize was solemnly awarded on the open-doors-day.

Торжественный выпуск ОтУС 2015
Ceremonial issue of OtUS 2015 on the main stage of Startup Village

Skolkovo Open University is the platform for regular interaction between all subjects of Europe innovation ecosystem.
BrainApps Team has successfully passed the two-year studies and officially launched from OtUS at the main stage of Startup Village 2015. Cooperation between the project and the entire Skolkovo ecosystem continues.

Nominees for the Startup 2014 award
Nominees for the Startup 2014 award

BrainApps was nominated to Startup 2014, one of the most prestigious awards between educational projects.

Participants of Open Innovations 2014 (Forum and Technology Show)
Participants of Open Innovations 2014 (Forum and Technology Show)

BrainApps entered the top 100 of the most perspective innovative youth projects in the world.

Microsoft Corporation Grant winner
Microsoft Corporation Grant winner

Our technical partner, Microsoft, has created a special grant. Now we are at Microsoft Azure - the one of the most high-tech cloud platforms in the world.

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Vitaly Kukharenko
Vitaly Kukharenko
Founder, CTO

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Alexander Vasilyev
Alexander Vasilyev

He was engaged in business development in Webmoney, now develops our project.

Anton Chernyshov
Anton Chernyshov

He headed the marketing department of the world largest Website builder. Very responsible, exceptionally creative.

Sergey Nikolaev
Sergey Nikolaev
Head of technical support

Helps us to provide the best customer support service!

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Andrey Nosov
Andrey Nosov
Chief designer

Thanks to him, all the beauty is created on our website.

Irina Alexeeva
Irina Alexeeva
Work with partners

If you have ideas for a partnership with BrainApps, Irina will definitely help you.

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Choosing for of a child useful activity?

Team BrainApps presents its new project for children's development Our service will be useful for parents and children's specialists. For the last 100 years, research has been done on how to develop children's abilities. We collected the best techniques, proved to be effective, and packed them into a beautiful interactive form. The results can be conveniently monitored online, recording achievements and receiving development recommendations.

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