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For more than a century, researchers have been investigating the growth of students’ capabilities. Now, thanks to BrainApps, you can leverage their discoveries. This state-of-the-art system blends the most effective methodologies, proven to enhance students’ cognitive functions. The result is an engaging and interactive product that resonates with young learners.

BrainApps offers benefits beyond just families; it’s a priceless resource for educational institutions. By integrating BrainApps into your curriculum, you can elevate your students’ learning journeys and equip them with the cognitive skills essential for academic success and beyond. With BrainApps, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that is certain to enhance student outcomes, setting your school apart from the competition.

Embrace BrainApps and provide your students with the competitive edge required to excel in today’s rapidly evolving world.

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What we offer?

Expand Your Curriculum
Curriculum Enhancement

Our service empowers educational institutions to enrich their curricula using our games. With our online platform, students can learn at home, reinforcing skills taught in class.

Innovative Learning Tool
Innovative Learning Tool

Our platform revolutionizes student learning. Incorporating our interactive learning service can enhance classroom efficiency and engage students more effectively. Progress can be easily tracked online, monitoring achievements and providing relevant recommendations.

Scientific Approach
Scientific Approach

Our games are developed by psychologists, educators, and speech therapists who ensure each activity aligns with appropriate age-based challenges. Furthermore, our AI technology enables us to create personalized programs tailored to each student’s unique learning needs.

Access for Parents
Access for Parents

Our platform offers multiple user modes (specialist, student, and parent), enabling easy access to class and achievement information from any device, at any time. Parents can effortlessly monitor their child’s progress and communicate with teachers.

Online Classes
Online Classes

Our platform provides convenient student registration and viewing systems that enable educators to easily utilize the service and monitor the progress of individual students and entire groups.

Flexible Plans
Flexible Plans

We offer customizable plans and are dedicated to providing optimal conditions for leveraging the capabilities of BrainApps at your institution.

Where to use technologies BrainApps

BrainApps is your reliable assistant, ready to support students and teachers alike wherever they may be. With our extensive experience, we have successfully implemented our cutting-edge technology in various educational settings, including:
Early Education Centers

Even the youngest learners can benefit from our innovative approach. Our system seamlessly adapts to cater to children of all ages, ensuring that even small children can engage with and solve the tasks we offer.

K-12 Schools

Mathematics educators particularly appreciate our brain training games. These games not only infuse fun and engagement into learning math, but also foster the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities in students.

Enrichment Centers

All around the world, countless enrichment centers have recognized the value of integrating our game into their curriculum. By incorporating our brain training games into their classes, these centers provide their students with an interactive and effective learning experience.

Where to implement technologies
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