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BrainApps is a young and ambitious project. We have started in the summer of 2014 and are actively growing by the present. We have a highly experienced team of true professionals. We've successfully tried ourselves in projects for B2B and reached the leading position in the industry. More than 1 million users choose our service. Now, our goal is to start and develop several projects in education. We are always happy to share our experience and plans.

Rapid Facts:

  • Foundation Year: 2014
  • City:  Charlotte, NC
  • Team: 10+ people
  • Registered Users: 875 000+
  • Developed games: 100 +
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If you want to interview the company’s experts, get a quick answer, or learn more about BrainApps products and history, we will be happy to answer you: [email protected]

Gifts for Media

3 months BrainApps Premium as a gift. To receive a promo code for training, send a request to [email protected], Do not forget to mention your company name.

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