List of theories

Corsi block task

The time of appearance of the famous Corsi block-tapping test — 1970, when another attempt was made to study the memory of a person. To complete the task, nine wooden cubes were used, moved according to a certain algorithm. The subject had to memorize and repeat the movements in the same sequence. By adding elements, the task was complicated. Success depended on the development of spatial working memory.

Analysis of the results of the technique, as well as the process of performing the task itself, showed that the person has brain zones responsible for concentration and regulation of attention, as well as visual figurative thinking. The test reveals the level of processing brain visual-spatial information.

Corsi block task was used as the basis of one of the most popular computer games aimed at the development of memory volumes. In particular, the classic simulator "Memory Matrix" was included in the program on the first phones of the famous Nokia brand.

It is proved that the basic functions of all types of memory can be improved by using certain strategies and special exercises. Such techniques are actively used by chess grandmasters, with whom an increase in the capacity of visual-spatial memory allows to increase the speed of mental operations, and, consequently, to achieve victory.

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