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Personnel assessment tests

Test employees, assess their knowledge, skills and psychological qualities. Solve HR problems easily.

ic Solving HR problems

Evaluate incoming candidates and current employees.

Analyze the motivation, psychological and cognitive characteristics of staff with ready-made tests.

ic Knowledge Assessment

Draw an accurate portrait of the employee and his or her suitability for the position.

Identify the weaknesses of each specialist. Get rid of unnecessary people.

ic Handy statistics system

Identify the key qualities of effective employees and use the information to develop a job profile and adjust corporate KPIs.

Test your employees and improve your company

Increase sales

Employees will know your product perfectly, be able to close user objections, and you will be able to control knowledge and see everything in concrete numbers.


Close your weaknesses

Analyze the weaknesses in the knowledge and personal qualities of each individual specialist to have an objective understanding and improve the skills of staff.


Find an approach to everyone

With precise tests and a user-friendly interface, the HR manager and supervisor clearly understand how to manage each employee’s motivation and who is worth promoting.


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