Brain development tests

Eysenck’s IQ Test

Intelligence quotient test developed by the British psychologist, Hans Eyesenck.

IQ test

Complete the IQ Test and estimate your intelligence quotient (IQ ). Author’s test by BrainApps

Test defining the dominant hemisphere of your brain

Just a few questions and we will definitely tell you, which hemisphere of your brain is dominant.

Complete the dominant hemisphere
Raven Test or Raven’s Progressive Matrices

The test is designed for differentiation of subjects according to their level of intellectual development. Test authors are John Raven and L. Penrose. Suggested in 1936

Mechanical Comprehension test (test of engineering reasoning)

Mechanical Comprehension Test (test of engineering reasoning) is focused on the identification of technical skills. It is well known as a technical intelligence test.

Take the test at an engineering mindset
Test for temperament by Eysenck

Eysenck’s test for determining the type of temperament that you can get online for free. Find out what your temperament is: choleric, melancholic, sanguine or phlegmatic?

Pass temperament test
Test - Are you a good parent?

This question is asked, perhaps, the vast majority of mothers and fathers. Our test will not give you an exact answer, but it will help to approach it.

Take the test
The test of emotional intelligence EQ new

The test of emotional intelligence (N. Hall’s method) shows how you use emotions in your life, and takes into account different aspects of emotional intelligence: attitude to yourself and others, ability to communicate, attitude to life and the search for harmony.

Take the test
Typing speed test new

Type a small text and check how many characters per minute you print in English. Hit your friends or employers with a typing speed certificate.

Take the test
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