Involuntary attention

Voluntary attention is targeted at highlighting and holding objects of the worls selected by the person; with that, there is a system in the ogranism assisting to switch attention and react on other objects important for activity. Involuntary attention works without the conscious choice, activates on sudden and strong distractors: moving, contrasting and bright objects.

Why is it useful to train
involuntary attention?

Involuntary attention helps us not to get run over during crossing the street in deep thoughts, react on unusual noise and abandon the work for a chance to flirt with a friendly person.

Games, educational involuntary attention

Quickly count fruits on the screen and answer the question. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard.
Specify a piggy bank containing the greatest money. If the maximum amount is the same, then choose any piggy bank.
Here is a field filled with pictures; you need to find a pair to the given picture.
Specify, where the spacecraft flies to as fast as possible. To speed up, you need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

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