Attention course

The course for the development of attention

absent-mindedness is acquired during a person's life, and is not innate. In order for you to be an effective person, simply mastered the material encountered in school and at work, we have developed a unique concentration of courses, switching and stability of attention.

The modern approach to the problem of attention

The course is based on cutting-edge research in cognitive psychology, scientists of the Institute named after MV Lomonosov. Interactive form of studies allows a convenient way to submit information to memorize, increases the capacity for intense concentration and switching of attention.

Genius - is, above all, attention

It is the ability to concentrate, to focus on one action and serves as a basis to produce a result. If you want to learn how to maintain the stability of attention, get more from teaching or learning material, we offer specially designed courses by experts. They will help you to concentrate, despite external distractions, to get maximum information in a minimum amount of time.

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