Free typing speed test

Type a small text and check how many characters per minute you print in English. Hit your friends or employers with a typing speed certificate.

How to type on the keyboard using blind skills?

The main idea behind touch typing is that each finger is assigned a different key area. This allows you to type without looking at the keyboard. Practice regularly and, thanks to muscle memory, all ten of your fingers will know where to press.
Why should I test for typing speed?

Check how good your typing speed and accuracy is at the moment. The average typing speed is 200 characters per minute. It will be a great result if you can beat it!

By taking the test several times, you will see the dynamics of how your skill improves in real time. Passing the online test will give you a typing speed certificate, which you can add to your CV, show your employer or brag to your friends.

What is the methodology for testing typing speed?

The typing speed is measured in characters per minute. "Characters" include both alphabetic characters and punctuation marks, including spaces. Only correctly typed words are counted. If you make a typo, the character count stops until it is corrected.

Do not try to type at the speed of light at once. Do not begin to speed up until all 10 fingers are used to pressing the correct keys.

The test will only take 2-3 minutes!

Start your day with a useful workout and measure your typing speed!

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