Hall Emotional Intelligence Test

Hall Emotional Intelligence Test

The test of emotional intelligence (the technique of Nicholas Hall) shows how you use emotions in your life, and takes into account different aspects of emotional intelligence: attitude to yourself and others, ability to communicate, attitude to life and the search for harmony.

Time to pass from 5 min.
30 questions

The test consists of 30 statements and contains 5 scales:
1. Emotional awareness is the awareness and understanding of one’s emotions, and for this, constant replenishment of one’s own vocabulary of emotions. People with high emotional awareness are more likely than others to be aware of their inner state.
2. Managing your emotions is emotional quickness, emotional flexibility, etc., in other words, arbitrary control of your emotions.
3. Self-motivation - managing your behavior, by managing emotions.
4. Empathy is the understanding of other people's emotions, the ability to empathize with the current emotional state of another person, as well as the readiness to provide support. This is the ability to understand the human condition by facial expressions, gestures, hues of speech, posture.
5. Managing the emotions of other people - the ability to influence the emotional state of other people.
  You will be offered statements that somehow reflect the different aspects of your life. Please select a number for each statement based on the evaluation of your answers:

• Completely disagree (-3 points).
• Mostly disagree (-2 points).
• Partly disagree (-1 point).
• Partly agree (+1 point).
• Mostly agree (+2 points).
• Fully agree (+3 points).

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