How to develop mathematical thinking in a child?

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Mathematics is called the queen of all sciences for a reason. Mikhail Lomonosov said that it brings the mind to order, and this is indeed so. Mathematical thinking must be developed in childhood, paying due attention to this issue. At the same time, the optimal age for starting exercises for the development of mathematical thinking can be considered 1-3 years. Later in the preschool age it is convenient to work with the already established base of mathematical thinking, developing it to the level that is required in school.

Развитие математического мышления у ребёнка

Exercises and tips for developing the mathematical part of thinking

Many adults consider math boring. Basically, it’s not their fault, but their parents, who did not pay the necessary attention while training, referring to textbooks. The same children, whose parents developed the mathematical abilities of the child through interesting problems and illustrative examples, basically have positive results.
•    So, the main piece of advice is to transform the learning and development of the child’s mathematical thinking into an interesting process. Use not abstract concepts, but what is closer to the child – toys, natural and everyday phenomena, colors. In addition, the calculation of simple mathematical expressions in the mind perfectly helps in life, demonstrate to the child visual examples of this. Use the money to make the child count how much he/ she needs to make a certain purchase (for example, candy).
•    Training of any part of the human mind is a continuous process. The more and more regularly the brain trains, the more startling and obvious the result is. The erroneous opinion that all people are divided into humanists and mathematicians. In fact, a successful person can equally well understand in these areas of science.
•    Organize interesting and varied leisure. Use visual training materials – posters, counters, puzzles. The solution of problems can be written not only in the notebook, but also on the board for greater visibility.
•    To make the learning process not tedious, choose modern online simulators that allow you to develop mathematical thinking in a new and interesting way. In our catalog of games BrainApp you will find a lot of interesting mathematical exercises.

Развитие математического мышления у детей

  •  Always alternate mental activity with physical activity. The brain needs to be recharged and not only intellectual, but also physical. For children it is very important to devote at least a couple of hours a day to active games (optimally – in the fresh air). It is important not to overexert the child, but to give him to develop systematically, in a convenient and individual way.
  • Recent research indicates the importance of proper nutrition for brain work and the development of mathematical thinking. It is important for a child to receive a daily necessary amount of protein, calcium, vitamins.
    So, with the development of mathematical thinking, regularity of classes, diversity and interesting approaches are very important. All this you will find on our service where it is possible to develop mathematical skills in a convenient form, observing the daily progress.
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