How to develop analytical thinking and become successful?

Как развить аналитическое мышление Professional Skills and Career Development

Many business gurus in their books or on training start communicating with the audience from what point to the mistakes of modern people’s thinking. The fact is that in essence, if we reject all stereotypes and assumptions, in pre-school institutions and schools we are not taught to develop thinking. Children solve certain tasks, learn to work with data, obtain conditions and even analyze actions, however, for personal growth conditions are created only in the institute, and then, these are limited courses of basic subjects.

A person uses different types of thinking:

  • Logical thinking – its task is to generalize what is happening, to find sequences, cause-effect relationships.
  • Deductive thinking is a very logical process similar to logical thinking, but it is distinguished by the generation of inferences, and not by comparison of what is happening with logical actions. The person himself determines the associated processes and he himself understands what they lead to.
  • Analytical thinking – very connected with logic, most often characterizes the ability to quickly find an effective and optimal solution in a given situation.
  • Creative thinking – here not only the logical centers, but creativity, imagination is working to a greater extent. It is responsible for the generation of creative ideas, thoughts.
  • Inductive thinking is a form of logical thinking that is responsible for generalizing and summarizing the thinking process.

It is interesting that logical and analytical thinking (as the most interconnected type) persists to a very old age, until the brain atrophies and loses the ability to rationally study the world around it.

The peculiarities of the human development of the personality are such that someone in his life bases himself on logical inferences and actively uses logic, someone lives and makes creative decisions that dictate imagination, desires, emotions. This is not good or bad, it’s just a person’s predisposition. However, analytical thinking can be developed, and it is considered that it is more difficult to develop logic than creative abilities.

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Thinking – it is the ability to model a systematic relationship with the outside world. The more often you solve problems of a certain type and complexity, the more logical thinking will develop. The analytical mindset is valued in Leadership positions, among those people who must solve a huge flow of various types of tasks and find the optimal solution for them. Moreover, the ability to think analytically makes it possible to add a general picture of the world, which helps to achieve greater success by understanding cause-effect relationships.

How to develop analytical thinking?

The first thing you need to know before starting to work on self-development is that analytical thinking is very closely related to logic. Therefore, solving tasks on logical thinking, you can get an analytical mindset, reorienting your worldview. Solve problems, rebuses, crossword puzzles, complex puzzles, solve riddles. At school, we all get a base, especially on mathematical subjects. Over time, especially after starting work, most people abandon their development, mistakenly believing that the work in themselves contains all the conditions for improving the qualities.

Analytical thinking develops in different ways, with different speeds and different results. Especially the analytical mindset develops quickly when learning foreign languages, programming languages, when working with technology, complex mechanisms, large amounts of data.

In today’s business it is difficult to say unambiguously what led to the success of an entrepreneur, his analytical mindset, or the solution of a huge number of tasks improved the ability to think. It is unambiguously known that the skill of the strategic vision, the forecasting of the result, the work to achieve different goals, through certain algorithms and actions, is a merit of analytical thinking that can and should be developed.

Create situations

This technique is very simple and accessible, since you will need some free time and your intelligence. The essence of the task is to come up with a specific situation, set the goal and form an effective solution. For example: Your goal is to fly into space. In order to do this, you will either need to participate in the space program, or money to buy a ticket for the program of space tourism. If you have health problems, or you are of old age, and physical training is weak – your way out is only in buying a place in the Space Shuttle. Developing this idea, working on the generation of a chain of decisions, analyzing information, you develop your analytical thinking. If you do not want to waste time – start planning your own business, buying a country house or car, analyze what you can come in handy while traveling to a foreign resort.

Psychological simulators

Of course, the BrainApps team could not miss the need to develop analytical thinking. Here you will find a huge number of games and simulators that are aimed at the development of including logic. There are tasks for quick decision making, finding the best answer, restoring the full picture, having particulars. The main feature of our site is the powerful support of users. You’ll get:

  • Personal trainer – a unique specially designed mechanism for building training according to your goals and abilities;
  • Statistical module – the possibility of checking in your personal account the progress of your development, for even more effective training;
  • Interesting and exciting games that will please both adults and children.

Remember, the best investment is investing in yourself! Your intellect is the greatest phenomenon that requires a careful and responsible attitude. Be engaged, and results of your trainings will not keep you waiting.

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