10 Ways to Make Your Brain Work for All 100

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The brain takes about 7% of our body, but what an important role it performs at the same time! Not to mention the fact that the brain completely controls all the processes in our body, such unique processes as remembering, imagining, analyzing and synthesizing information, as well as many other things, are subject to it. Compared to it, the computer is just a pathetic imitator.

But often we have to directly force him to work. Especially often this happens with a fairly long load. Do you know the feeling when the head seems wadded, when thoughts are already projected with difficulty and it is hard to remember even the information that was received a minute ago? The workers of the mental sphere understood exactly what they were talking about. From continuous work the brain gets tired and starts to rebel. It is necessary to master the technique of disclosing additional brain potential to continue productive work.

It’s no secret that a person does not use half of the possibilities of his intellect. But we have them. With systematic work with gray matter, you can slightly expand your abilities. Students who decided to write important work at the very last moment and do not cope with the loads now, this technique will not help them, but it will come in handy for people who daily face mental labor and want to improve their productivity.

10 proven by science and life practice methods are presented to your attention:

1. The intake of water-soluble vitamin B 12 helps to increase concentration and develops endurance in the process of active thinking. It enters the body along with products such as beef liver, oysters, sardines, crabs, egg yolks.

2. For a full-fledged work brain needs to consume vitamin E. Its presence in body allows to postpone aging process of brain and keeps efficiency of activity of intellect. Almonds are simply full with this vitamin.

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3. Eating at night is harmful. Fans of a night eating often wake up already tired, broken. Active work of the stomach at night takes away a lot of strength from a person, even if he is sleeping. Therefore, it is prohibited to eat before going to bed. But a light meal a few hours before the meeting with Morpheus on the contrary will nourish the head with everything necessary before coming rest.

4. Meditation contributes to relaxation of the hemispheres as well as sleep. When it is performed, the person calms down, level of stress hormones in the blood decreases. Thoughts are cleaned and arranged. Only the effect of meditation will be felt when it is systematically performed.

5. Music is not only a work of art, but also an excellent stimulant for the brain. Her audition charges the intellect on productive activities. Just pick the right melody. Motive should be pleasant, soothing. Music should not irritate, but on the contrary calming the nervous system. Try listening to classical, instrumental or even just slow music.

6. They say that there was no sex in the USSR and how wrong they were!! Sex is not only a pleasant pastime but also a biological need of the body. Its beneficial influence affects mental potential of man. During sex, blood begins to run through the body, pouring in large quantities to the brain. And the hormones of joy that are produced in the process, activate the body as a whole and relieve headaches.

7. After sex on the scale of pleasure there is a massage. This is also a pleasant and at the same time useful procedure. Even a single massage session relaxes and tones the body. Cortisol (stress hormone) immediately disappears from the blood, and the heart begins to beat more evenly. In office, you can replace a full massage with a simple massaging of the ears. They have special points that correspond almost to all systems of the body, so the effect on the ears affects both the person as a whole and the brain activity in particular.

8. The best rest is a change in the type of activity. All the muscles in the body should receive about the same load, so if you paid attention to brain, you should deal with biceps and triceps.

9. Regular work in poor lighting or even just artificial light has a negative effect on work of brain. The concentration decreases, sleep is disturbed – and this is not even considering the deterioration of vision.

10. Any trip to fresh air will have a beneficial effect on mental activity. Natural lighting, an abundance of oxygen in the air and contact with nature will help to feel the necessary relaxation. The main thing is that the phone should not distract you constantly.

Person who knows how to work well, must rest well. And we are talking not only about the physical, but also about mental rest. Reading books, watching movies or practicing art takes the mind away from everyday problems and helps to relax, recover from exhausting work.

These tips are pretty simple. Proper organization of the day, adequate nutrition, rest and mental health care – that’s all you need to have a super brain.

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