Movement to success: 10 tips from billionaires

Professional Skills and Career Development

Risk is not only a noble cause, but also an opportunity to become rich. Or very rich. Permanent representatives of the first ten Forbes advise to be more daring, think outside the box and focus on the dream, and not on the bag of money.

Tip from Jeff Bezos: Forget about how it is “necessary”

Status: founder of Amazon.

Capital: $ 122 billion.

Once Jeff Bezos decided to sell through Amazon all existing books on the Internet. Experts and even friends with whom the novice Salesman consulted with one voice said that it was impossible and better to realize what everyone was buying: popular publications in popular genres.

Team of Bezos ignored all the tips. And it was this decision that created the site’s reputation as a diverse and non-trivial resource. Perhaps, if Amazon had become another project with a traditional approach, it would have remained in line with other similar ones. But now Amazon is a resource with an individual face that everyone knows about, even those who don’t like or don’t want to read.

Do not do what the dogma tells you, but try to find out how you can do it differently.

Advice from Bill Gates: surround yourself with people motivating you

Status: founder of Microsoft

Capital: $ 90 billion.

Bill Gates believes that the development of a successful person determines his environment. You are moving in the same direction as your friends – your work enthusiasm will certainly fade away with people who are used to be content with little.

Try to surround yourself with people who can be your “teachers”, motivators, inspirers.

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Gates himself considers his wife Melinda Gates, with whom the billionaire has been married since 1994, his successful environment.

Warren Buffett Tip: Invest in Your Own Abilities

Status: investor.

Capital: $ 84 billion.

Buffett thinks that the best product you can offer on the market is you. You can only get a dream job if you produce goods that the consumer wants to buy. The product is your professional growth, the consumer is a large company where you can make a brilliant career.

Develop your own skills, talents, abilities – these investments will be repaid with interest.

Advice from Bernard Arno: just do your job well

Status: President of the multinational company LVMH – Louis Vuitton – Moet Hennessy.

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Capital: $ 72 billion.

A French billionaire thinks he shouldn’t worry about profits. It will come to you if you play long: plan for 5–10 years ahead, think big, do not chase easy and quick revenues.

Try to create something that will be out of time. But do not forget about the requirements of consumers in the context of “here and now.”

Advice from Mark Zuckerberg: do not hesitate

Status: founder of Facebook.

Capital: $ 71 billion.

Zuckerberg believes that it is doubt that can prevent the achievement of true success. The billionaire gives a clear example: Facebook would have become popular much earlier if it were not for the concerns of the creators’ team that Google will have a similar product released that will “beat” the Zuckerberg brainchild.

Constantly doubt – this is the greatest folly in the world today, and not risk – the biggest risk. Change with the changeable world. Dare.

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Advice from Amancio Ortega: do not be satisfied with what you have

Status: founder of Zara and Inditex.

Capital: $ 70 billion.

Ortega grew up in a very poor family – he had to leave school to earn a living. The beginning of a billionaire’s career is a messenger position in a clothing store.

Having created an empire specializing in “fashion for everyone,” he did not cease to be interested in the ideas of his employees. Every day Ortega comes to the headquarters office and tries to make the life of its customers better, more beautiful, more convenient.

Do not become complacent, even if you have achieved something. Do not stop developing, do not be satisfied with what you have achieved, even if your achievements are solid. Remember that success is not guaranteed to anyone.

Advice from Carlos Slim Elu: study competitors and compete with them

Status: investor.

Capital: $ 67.1 billion.

According to Carlos Slim Elu, competition can make a real businessman out of any middle-sized merchant. The billionaire advises “more often to go outside the house and watch what and how neighbors do.” It is probably worthwhile to heed the advice of a man who made his first million at 17.

Compete with those who are much stronger than you. It is this struggle that will help you understand how good you are.

Advice from Charles Koch: use the trial method, appreciate the mistakes

Status: Co-owner of Koch Industries.

Capital: $ 60 billion.

Any mistake, according to Charles Koch, even hurting the cause, is another step to success. The one who avoids failures and is afraid to make a mistake is doomed to business degradation. Try something new, and this path will benefit, even if all projects fail.

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Experiment. Do not pretend to experiment, but really act.

David Koch: Do not be mistaken – you control not everything

Status: Co-owner of Koch Industries.

Capital: $ 60 billion.

In 1992, David Koch was diagnosed with cancer, with which the struggle continues to this day. Despite the possibilities of a businessman and his reputation as a “financial shark”, he cannot win this side of his life. By his own admission, he learned to live with it, accepting the fact as it is.

Do not try to control everything – you still will not succeed. Sometimes it is worth letting go of the situation, not bringing it to hysterics.

Advice from Larry Ellison: do not confuse other people’s dreams with yours

Status: Head of Oracle Corporation.

Capital: $ 58.5 billion.

In his youth, Larry Ellison wanted to become a doctor. More precisely, it was all his entourage wanted him to become. Therefore, pre-medical school has not been completed. Being a married man, he began programming, but this did not suit his wife, who wanted more ambition from him.

Divorce, according to billionaire Ellison, was a turning point for him: he stopped reproaching himself for not justifying other people’s expectations, and went his own way, which brought him success.

Do not try to please your near and dear ones by entering a legal and at the same time dreaming of becoming an auto mechanic. Your dreams are you. Do not fool yourself and do not betray.

Be what you want to be. Listen to the opinions of others, but look more deeply into yourself, because only there is the truth.

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