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The brain of a modern person is almost identical in structure to the Cro-Magnons, who lived more than 40 thousand years ago. And data load differences are enormous. For example, a Cro-Magnon met in one year as many people as we can see within one working day. The phenomenon of modern society is in the saturation of information of various kinds. The need to frequently make decisions, have a large working memory capacity and constantly develop cognitive abilities to achieve new results. At the same time, the monotony of work, lack of sleep and physical activity, unhealthy diet and using all sorts of gadgets and applications have a negative impact on our thinking processes. Japes Flynn, the famous psychologist, conducted a study, which confirmed that the level of mental potential increases from generation to generation. However, the level of average IQ in the past 10 years has significantly reduced the pace of development. "Numbers & Letters Plus" by BrainApps service is an excellent way not only to your mental potential in good shape, but to develop it to keep up with the rhythm of modern information load.

How It Works

The speed of decision making is affected by many factors. That is why, in the catalog of our games, you will find exercises to improve attention, thinking processes and memory. The "Numbers & Letters Plus" game is aimed at the development of working memory, activation of logical decisions making mechanism. It will require prioritization to better tasks completion. The game is aimed at the acquisition of better memorizing skills, multiple training of logical thinking mechanisms. Theoretically, the amount of information that can be stored in long-term memory is unlimited. At the same time, because of the failures of memory, weak connections, people cannot sometimes remember what happened a few minutes ago, or last summer.

What It Gives

BrainApps teaches to quickly and easily retrieve information from memory, and to make decisions based on this data. At the heart of this complex process are the biochemical and cellular processes. Having loads and activating chains from millions of neurons, you can reach the stable effect of increase in thinking capability shortly. In a few training courses, you will notice a clear thinking, feel the flexibility, learn how to concentrate. The "Numbers & Letters Plus" game makes you deal with several tasks — specify the properties of numbers and letters. There are many actions that are performed on an unconscious level. This reduces the load on the short-term memory. Trainings with use of the trainer lead to changes in the activated areas of the brain. Optimal load enhances intelligence capacity and saves it for a long period of time.


The player is shown a set consisting of letters and numbers. The task is to specify properties of one defined element correctly. The more answers are given — the more points user will receive. Mistakes result in a reduction of game lives. For better dynamics, it is better to use the keyboard when you type the correct answer.

How We Developed It

The "Numbers & Letters Plus" game is a trainer with a combined load. During the trainings, there is active interaction between thinking, memory and attention. BrainApps service development team experimented with the results of various stress tests. As a result, it was found that the use of the object as a set of numbers and letters complicates the thought process. Moreover, the processing of various properties requires attention switching and referring to the long term memory. The player is involved in the process due to the competitive component, and the self-development progress will be an additional stimulation for training.

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