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Numbers Letters

  • Develops thinking speed
  • Improves logic
  • Enhances creativity


Modern studies confirm that thinking can be quickly and efficiently developed. This process comprises increase of the data processing rate, its volume, addition of thinking process depth and freedom, due to its flexibility and active communication with decision making centers. This is the efficiency of mental work, and, as a result, our success and ability to work. The "Numbers & Letters" game is an excellent way to practice quick decisions making and develop logic. BrainApps Service has created a convenient platform, which will help you to keep your mind in good shape and ensure making prompt and meaningful solutions.

How It Works

Intellectual capabilities differ for most of people. In many ways they are defined by genetics, but are greatly influenced by the environment, in which person grew up and lived, professional activities, the desire to evolve. "Numbers & Letters" shows that increasing the speed of thought is possible. All your need is your efforts and some free time. There is the concept of an internal "temporhythm". It is your inner speed, regime of work and rest comfortable and familiar to you. "Numbers & Letters" will teach you to instantly switch into the high load mode, recognize what is in front of you —a letter or number, and provide a lightning response to a question about its properties. By itself, the speed of thinking does not guarantee the quality (absence of mistakes). However, as a result of training, a huge amount of new neural connections appear in the brain, existing ones strengthen, which greatly improves the efficiency of thinking.

What It Gives

The depth of our thinking depends on the perception of the world. "Numbers & Letters" will teach to meaningfully take complex and simple solutions, including logical ones. This database is used only to make your brain work on fast response search among the huge amount of storage space. Thinking is not only reasoning in a comfortable atmosphere. The ability to find quick answers largely determine the quality of life, ability to create optimal conditions for achieving the goals. "Numbers & Letters" will help to keep intellect in good shape and develop its effectiveness.


The player is offered a series of simple questions that do not require in-depth knowledge or special skills. The task is to reflect the properties of an object by pressing the "Yes" or "No" button. You can use the keyboard or mouse. The more correct answers you give, the higher will be the final score. Wrong answer will lead to loss of the game life. Be careful, the game is very interesting, and in the early stages, it can even confuse. Next, you will quickly learn to understand the essence of the issue and identify the properties of the object, which will increase the number of correct answers.

How We Developed It

One of the most common ways of thinking process development is completion of tests or solution of logical problems series. BrainApps team not only uses computer technology and interesting adaptive algorithms for constructing training programs, but also involves experience of the best scientists and clinical psychologists. We have created a trainer, which is fun to play for pupils, students, self-confident people, who want to improve the capabilities of their cognition. The "Numbers & Letters" game will go beyond the usual and the ordinary cycle of your intelligence. Regular brain fitness is the perfect opportunity to relax and improve your mental capacity using a high-quality platform.

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