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  • Develops memory rate
  • Improves semantic memory
  • Enhances visual memory


Tasks of N-back class were developed by the famous psychologist, V.K. Kirchner. The 3-Back Task was used in psychology for diagnostic purposes to obtain data on the working memory capabilities. Only in 2008, a group of scientists has proved the positive influence on the development of intelligence in those who regularly engaged in the solution of the task. BrainApps service included "3-Back" in its catalog of trainers due to the efficiency of these exercises during the training of attention, memory, logical thinking. This version is more sophisticated continuation of the n-back games series, including the "2-Back" game. Initial studies have shown how complex the interactions within the brain are. These experiments are the best examples of the activation of so-called "mobile intelligence."

How It Works

Our working memory is a temporary storage for all incoming information from the senses, and the decision-making centers. It is believed that the ability to retain in memory is approximately equal to 5-9 elements for all people. Intellectual abilities depend on this attribute as working memory increases their efficiency. The "3-Back" game develops working memory capacity, concentration and speed of thinking. Memorizing new things, perfecting the mechanism that links the thinking, memory and attention, we make our opportunities and abilities increase. Number sequences are chosen as the memory objects in the game. An additional advantage of the BrainApps application is improved memorizing of numerical information. Аfter regular training abilities for rapid calculation of simple mathematical equations in mind emerge.

What It Gives

"Brain Fitness" team, with its developments, reveals the true capabilities of even the average memory. We offer comfortable and affordable ways to improve your own mental abilities, that are developed by well-known scientists and clinical psychologists from Moscow, researchers renown in the world. The "3-Back" game might seem rather complex at first glance, but it provides a stable and favorable effect on maintaining the tone of your mental abilities. Within a few weeks of trainings you will develop self-discipline, the ability to quickly determine the relationships between objects and events. The development of the memory takes place thanks to the simplified exchange of information required, its high-quality recording and reproduction. Today's training is a guarantee of a bright and clear mind in old age, the ability to increase the comfort of your life, the basis for future achievements in your career.


The player is offered a sequence of digits that you need to memorize. Comparing the figures with the emerging you need to answer whether they comply to demonstrated 3 cards before. The more correct answers you give, the less time will be left by the program for your memorization. Thus, an adaptive mechanism to automatically build training for optimal load and effective skills development works. Wrong answers make you lose game life. Be attentive, the more correct answers - the more the final score at the end of the training.

How We Developed It

Mobile intelligence is the ability to solve non-standard problems, to adapt to the conditions with which a person did not come across before. It is proved that the "3-Back" game allows you to develop this type of mental activity. Еarlier it was believed that this feature is acquired at birth and remains unchanged throughout life. BrainApps team has purposefully chosen the number sequence as objects of memorizing. Information space is full of dates, phone numbers, addresses, and it is very important to be able to quickly and accurately remember this information. Thanks to the cooperation of different specialists, "Brain Fitness" has become an interesting hobby for thousands of people who work regularly and invest time in self-development. 3182987_pone .0024836.g002

Game is based on scientific theory

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