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Digit Span Ex

  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves semantic memory
  • Enhances visual memory


In your daily life, performing routine operations, we sometimes can not evaluate the true capabilities of our memory. A modern businessman faces a huge amount of information that is necessary not only to process, but to remember, playback fast. Memory is the key to efficiency and to being successful in any field. BrainApps service will help to strengthen and develop your memory, as well as become your personal assistant and coach for the development of cognitive abilities of your brain. The game "Digit Span Revolution" is an excellent way to increase the amount of working memory, but be careful, the game is very addictive and will appeal to both adults and children.

How It Works

"Digit Span Revolution" is a game of high difficulty, because you need to remember a digit sequence rather than one or more digits. Memory is one of the basic higher mental functions, which is characterized by memorization, preservation, reproduction and forgetting information. The use of such a simple and affordable mnemonic method, as the game "Digit Span Revolution" can increase your working memory by times. BrainApps service will help in the development of memory thanks to a convenient personal account, where you can keep track of the dynamics of your development, evaluate the results of the invested time and efforts.

What It Gives

Over the years, there is a deterioration in the working memory and attention. Depending on the type of your professional activity, regular mental and physical stress, and genetic characteristics, the process of memory weakening can occur in different ways. In some cases, there may be an increase of forgetting, particularly new information. A other difficulties occur with the remembering of phone numbers or remembering streets. Regular fitness for the brain is a good prevention of forgetfulness, the opportunity to improve your skills with the help of interesting and useful exercise, games that do not require a lot of expenses. Train in a convenient and comfortable place. Even without big training period, it will give significant results. You will notice that it has become much easier to remember the numbers, difficulties with playback of various events, even the ones in the distant past, get away.


Playing "Digit Span Revolution" is possible in the training mode, and as a favorite board game. After the beep, you will be offered to memorize series of numbers consisting of several digits. Your task is to exactly reproduce it using the keyboard or mouse and a special menu on the digital screen. If you do not guess, you lose one of three game lives. The game continues until you lose all of game lives or the play time ends. Two correct answers, and BrainApps will increase the level of difficulty for you, adding a single digit in the sequence. Wrong answers will lead to lowering of the difficulty level,  in order to achieve efficient and optimal number of digits for you.

How We Developed It

As the task to determine the amount of memory, words, letters, numbers, different pictures that need to be replicated in ascending or descending order can be used. This feature is widely used in the Wechsler test for the determination of the intelligence coefficient.

Game is based on scientific theory

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