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Stress Management Course

We have put together effective techniques, tools and exercises to prevent, mitigate and overcome stress triggers. It only takes a few minutes a day to learn. The skills you learn will be useful in many different areas of your life. Learn how to cope with stress with BrainApps!
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Why this course is useful?

By completing the Stress Management Online Training you will know what stress is, how it affects the body and how to deal with it.
Reduce tension degree

Stressful situations arise everywhere. Some people adapt to them skillfully, others experience apathy and burnout. You will learn how to reduce stress with life-tested practices.

Move forward

Stress can be compared to being in a traffic jam: you are in a state of uncertainty, and the time you arrive home depends on external factors.After the programme, you will be able to cope with adversity more easily.

Distinguish between cause and effect

People often confuse stress itself with its cause. The former is a consequence of certain incidents. Learn to avoid events that have a negative impact on the psyche.

Filter information

Stress levels are increasing due to technological advances. People have access to large amounts of information. Learn how to structure and analyse incoming data so you don’t overload your brain with things you don’t need.

Minimise the consequences

A person cannot control phenomena that are beyond their control, but they can reduce the impact of negative consequences.

Give the manipulators a break

In a team, you have to deal with all kinds of people. Often the behaviour of co-workers is the cause of stress. You will learn how to work in a hostile environment and how to avoid transferring work stress to your family.

Become super efficient

Why stress management?

Why stress management?

Stress is the body’s protective response to environmental factors. It is a signal that rest, a change of scenery or a reset is needed. Stress management is a set of techniques for controlling stress.

Where do stress management skills apply?

In a team of employees

Learn to communicate in such a way that stressful situations within the team are minimised as much as possible. Stress management skills allow you to channel your inner human energy in a positive way.

In interpersonal relationships

Any situation can throw you off your game: sudden rain, late transport, rudeness from a shop assistant. Stress tolerance can and should be developed. The knowledge you acquire can help you in your everyday life and in your relations with others.

In studying

Of the three main abilities of the brain - attention, memory and thinking - attention ranks first in the process of working with information.
Due to the attention a person perceives information, after which it is stored in memory, being processed and reproduced using reasoning.

When attention suffers - other functions work worse.

Stress Management course content

You want to develop attention, but you are sorely lacking time? Then our course is for you.

5 lessons

Interesting theory

Author’s developments

A unique methodology for dealing with stress

Adaptive program

Free yourself from stress and become a happy person with BrainApps!

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