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Course Keyboard trainer and typing lessons

Would you like to type at lightning speed without looking at the keys?
Dedicate just 10-15 minutes a day on the keyboard simulator and you will radically improve your typing speed.
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Why this course is useful?

Paying attention to what you are doing is one of the most important components of success.
14 speed and accuracy typing tests
Ten-finger blind typing trainer for everyday practice
Virtual assistant from the first to the final lesson
A handy text editor, virtual keyboard and metronome that displays typing speed in real time
Built-in tooltip for work on mistakes
Theoretical material on modern methods of speed typing

Become super efficient

Why do we need to develop attention?

How does the keyboard simulator work?

The keyboard trainer has a built-in text editor with typing prompts and the ability to calculate various typing indicators (speed, rhythm, number of typos, etc.).

A text editor inside the keyboard trainer allows you to display and scale the font according to your preferences and eyesight.

If you’re used to typing with one or two fingers, that’s okay. A virtual trainer will help you ‘kick’ the habit and guide you from the first to the final session.

How will the acquired skills benefit you?


You will reduce your writing time many times over. Especially in the field of copywriting - where earnings depend on the number of typed characters


Writing an essay, a term paper or a diploma thesis can be very stressful. You can reduce the time you spend on monotonous work by managing it much faster and devoting your time to more exciting activities.

For lawyers, clerks, database operators

A direct saving of scarce human resources, reducing technical errors and proofreading time.

For coders and programmers

With huge amounts of program code, the blind ten-finger method is also extremely relevant.

Welcome to the "Touch-Typing Course":

Do you want to learn speed typing but are starved for time? Then our course is for you.

7 lessons

Interesting theory and practice of touch typing

10 keyboard simulators

Unique authoring

Typing speed test

To assess the current level and results

Multiple languages

Learn touch typing in English

Adaptive program

Learn touch typing with BrainApps

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