Talent and intelligence – a threat to achievement


Installation on a given and on personal growth is a trap and a stumbling block on the road to success.

How does a person’s ability, intellect, talents and personality traits help them succeed in their lives, their studies, and build a dizzying career? There is one secret: if you take your qualities and abilities as a starting point.

Since childhood, we are often trying to think that you need to be smart, you need to be attentive and quick, you need to show yourself everywhere. This is all wonderful, but there is one pitfall: trying to prove using the knowledge gained, and trying to improve your qualities using the arsenal of knowledge gained, are slightly different things. More precisely, these are different views and attitudes: setting on a given or setting on growth.

It is worthwhile to consider a simple example of a classic unsuccessful day: the chief of work reprimanded him, did not fulfill an important matter in time, because of which all plans were upset, the acquaintance made a caustic remark. How will the person react to the installation? He will make disappointing conclusions about his abilities, especially if this does not happen to him for the first time, and then he will not take on the business, the minor details of which elude his attention, and he will avoid communicating with people who are dissatisfied with them.

Or you can:

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  • to look and to note to oneself the points on which comments were made at work;
  • write down all the details of the planned cases that can be forgotten;
  • in response to a disgruntled comrade – just ask about his affairs. Maybe he was angry and was not at all your appearance, and you just fell under his arm.

Everything that is not a catastrophe and is not crowned with the irrevocable development of an event is really a change. You can cultivate and develop in yourself those parties that have always been a weakness. It is possible and necessary, because there are no unnecessary sides of development in life. If you consider yourself a talented mathematician or writer, but at the same time do not know how to communicate with people and prove your opinion, this can serve as an obstacle to the further development of the personality. The man closes at the reached level, considering that this is enough. It is not always necessary to grow up, because it is necessary to develop in all directions. Very often, development is facilitated by obstacles that arise inadvertently in the chosen direction of life.

Installations are not something unshakable, instilled in us from childhood parenting. They can be changed by applying to this effort. How sometimes it would be desirable, when from the side they are accused of insufficient competence, insufficiently skillful use of their knowledge, to argue and prove to the opposite side their short-sightedness (did not make out), their mistakes, counter accuse, to prove wrong. This is what individuals do with installation on a given, when they realize that they cannot rise higher, they cannot redo themselves, and their intelligence and talent are simply not appreciated.

In fact, they are missing one detail: they are not assessed, they are not sentenced to admit the absence of any important qualities. Criticism often contains comments on which it is necessary and important to work on. This is not an assessment of intelligence, it is an indicator of what these people are focusing on and what specific work requires. It is necessary to focus on the right side of the details of a particular situation or case, and everyone is able to correct the course of events, to contribute the missing. Someone will cope faster, someone is slower – depends on the force applied in this direction and the desire to shift the problem from a dead point.

Those who are set on a given are sure: they are a certain type of people, with their positive and negative sides, possessing certain qualities. It is impossible to change the personality of an already formed person.

People with a growth attitude are convinced that no one has ever measured a person’s potential. It is never known what the result of years of training and effort on oneself, if you want to work in the chosen direction. After all, even a hundred years ago, a man could not guess a lot about what he could master in the modern world. And children are intuitively able to doubt the unshakable assertions of their elders, draw their own conclusions, their additions and discoveries, and learn new things.

Unfortunately, more often the installation comes to us with time and age, we defend ourselves from criticism, from an attempt to unjustly place the blame on our shoulders, from attempts to assert ourselves at the expense of us. Proving your knowledge and skills is good. But it is important to notice the motives of the interlocutor (attempts to assert oneself should not be taken into account) and note for themselves the omissions that it is better not to allow in the future. We must try to develop skills that will help in the future to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Many may even not notice how they relate to everyday situations. And if we analyze and ask ourselves a few questions about actions and reactions in specific situations, then everything becomes clearer. And if it turns out 100% installation for a given – this is not a sentence. One can gradually accustom oneself to the idea that obstacles are not the end of the path, that qualities that help overcome them can be developed. Such a change of installation and change of seemingly unshakable character traits is quite possible, the main thing is that it is necessary and desirable.

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