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All games are available

In basic-mode workout is created from free basic games only. In premium-mode all 50 games are available.

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Detailed statistics on workout and results

All your BrainApps workouts have a positive
impact on your brain. You can monitor the dynamics on special
statistic page. Premium members get full access to
all the statistics of their workouts.

Adaptive mechanism of workout generation

Designed in collaboration with scientists, a special algorithm
create daily workouts is adjusted to
you, your skills and makes for you
individual training program. Taking on such a program, you will
achieve maximum results.

Automatic complexity level adjustment for games

Difficulty is very individual. Premium users can get most of our adaptive training system
with adjusting levels of difficulty.

Compare yourself with
other BrainApps users

Premium-users can compare their mental skill rates with other users of the site.

Creation of extra workouts

In addition daily workouts, premium users
can optionally create personal workout sessions for
certain skills (attention, memory, reasoning).

Unlimited challenges

Challenge other users without restrictions.

Full access to tests

Get unlimited access to all tests
on our site. Share results with friends.

Special courses access

Premium users are provided with
additional courses for distance learning and self-development.

Feedback on BrainApps

Irina Alekseeva review BrainApps

Irina Alexeeva

After working at BrainApps, my daughters became better in school.
Thank you so much for your project!

Nikolaev Sergey review BrainApps

Sergey Nikolaev

I have been training for 1,5 months. Became much better in memorizing English words and more attentive at work.

Valery Romanov BrainApps review

Valery Romanov

I have been using the service for more than 3 months, you absolutely don't get bored of games, I see changes in my statistics every day. I like to compare myself with others.

Marina Ivanovna

Marina Ivanovna

Thanks for interesting games. Even at my age, I have a great pleasure to play them. It seems I became less absent-minded.

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