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  • Develops attention concentration
  • Improves attention switching
  • Enhances semantic memory


Stroop Effect is the difficulty in the perception of the word, which does not match in color with the essence. During the response to the question "In what color is the word written?" the frontal lobe of the brain is involved in the task, which responsible for our conscious decisions. The game, created by specialists of BrainApps, involves the use of this effect as a trainer for the development of the attention. Stroop task is both for adults and for children, and the effect of systematic training is felt almost immediately.

How It Works

During the course of the game on our website users immediately feel some difficulty or delay between the subconscious reflex response and the final answer that they give. At the beginning of the last century it became clear that the difficulties in cognitive arise if the theoretical fact is the opposite of the practical. In particular, the Stroop effect implies that the color name is written in a different shade, because of what our brain first perceives the word itself (theoretical fact), and then the color in which it is written (practical fact). Thus, practicing on our site, the user will be able to develop the ability to capture the essence of the problem and actions, to improve some properties of attention, such as concentration and improve the overall intellectual abilities. Interestingly, though, this game is suitable for children, they pass it with a large number of correct answers and faster than the older generation, because they have not yet learned the theoretical estimation of the world and think only virtually.

What It Gives

This game at first glance, seems simple, and few believe that it can help to develop almost all of the properties of human cognition. Periodically visiting BrainApps resource for the passage of the Stroop task, a few weeks later you will be convinced of the usefulness of such a pastime. With the game useful qualities are developed: concentration, resistance to external stimuli, rapid capture of the essence of the problem, without the distraction of unnecessary details. Also, the Stroop task effectively develops voluntary attention, which is especially important for young children and secondary school age. The main effect of the game is to develop such skills as finding the practical value, not just theory.


The player in the new version of the Stroop task is given two cards. Both are located in different shades of colored flowers name. A person must determine whether the color matches the name on the left card with the color of the text on the right. Each correct answer brings certain points, and the complexity of the game can be calibrated depending on the speed and accuracy of the game progress. BrainApps resource allows the user to save their results and to assess the dynamics of indicators after each game. Some additional possibilities open to players after the acquisition of premium account.

How We Developed It

Stroop Effect was first described in the early 20th century, somewhere in the thirties and has been used as a method for diagnosing a variety of disorders of attention, in particular Parkinson's disease. At the same time, several variants of games were developed, based on which our resource specialists have developed an improved variant of the task. An integrated approach to the creation of the game allowed to choose the user-friendly interface, the optimum load on the user. Experienced psychologists and other specialists during the design also took into account the different age categories of players, so even a child can practice using the Stroop task.

Game is based on scientific theory

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