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Speed Match Ex

  • Develops memory accuracy
  • Improves memory rate
  • Enhances visual memory


Memory plays an important role in everyone's life. Memory is required for memorizing, storage and retrieval, as well as forgetting. Cognitive game — "Speed Comparing Revolution" is an improved version of another software package service of BrainApps "Speed Comparing". These tools can improve working memory, expand its capacity, improve the accuracy of reproduction of the information and concentration.

How It Works

The memory is used for the organization of intelligence for future action. You can not be effective without knowledge and experience, you can not perform a task or action without understanding the laws of interaction. Our behavior is largely dependent on memory, in some cases, memory helps a person to save their life or to succeed, to be in demand from the professional point of view. The process of memorizing and reproducing information creates new connections in the brain, strengthens the old, forging interaction of the individual parts of the brain to address those or other problems. The "Speed Comparing Revolution" game implements the principle of increasing the concentration of the adoption of logical decisions that should be based on short-term memory, rapid recognition of images and their properties.

What It Gives

The results of your workouts in BrainApps service will improve working memory. One of the games developed, aimed at improving the memory is "Speed Comparing Revolution". From its predecessor, it features a large volume of incoming information and dynamic. Memory is involved in the perception. In order to obtain information about the object and its properties, the brain needs a tremendous job to be done, whose main objective is to compare the information on the object with the existing experience and preserve the newly acquired knowledge. Scientists have long proven the positive effect of increasing the capacity of memory and the speed of its cooperation during regular training or exercises. Every perception, especially when engaging in specialized trainers in BrainApps, improves the possibilities of your personality, demonstrates hidden potential, increases the effectiveness in your professional activities and daily life.


Unlike "SpeedComparing", the new version has an additional key. On the playing field, there are various images of different shape and color. The player's task is to determine whether the current object is similar to the one that was shown on the previous slide, and to what extent. It can be "similar", "not alike" and "partially similar". This exercise is performed for a time, and you will need to give as many correct answers as possible. If you see an object that has the same shape as the previous one, but different in color, the correct response would be considered "partially similar". The player can make three errors, then the game is over.

How We Developed It

A memory is considered to be good if it allows to quickly memorize information, action or phenomenon, reproduce the information in good quality, keep it for a long time. Study of the patterns of development of memory demonstrated an important principle of progressive improvement of the quality of memory proportional to the load on it. It is not possible to achieve the improvement in cognitive function, without increasing the capacity of others. Researches of scientists, computerization and creation of a unique software system, the work of psychologists led to BrainApps service, which has no analogs in the development of cognitive functions, which reveal the true potential of our brain.

Game is based on scientific theory

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