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The "Pathfinder" makes you feel yourself as an avid hunter, this time our goal is the development of cognitive abilities. The new trainer from the BrainApps service is designed to train your memory and creative thinking, improve memory and increase of working memory capacity. These skills are very useful for anyone, and especially for the ones engaged in office work who are often faced with the need to process large amounts of information. Simple and interesting exercises help improve memorizing, and a unique software system implemented with an adaptive algorithm for selection of difficulty ensures quick and lasting results.

How It Works

The easiest and most affordable way to train your memory is our daily life. Faced with thousands of tasks a day, we have to tackle them effectively. Everyday life is full of figures, data, invoices, the need to remember phone numbers, addresses, birthdays. All this undoubtedly trains our memory. The "Pathfinder" game requires the user to limit the concentration, the ability to quickly recognize patterns, make logical decisions and to remember complicated sequences to use with spatial thinking. Particular attention is given to short-term memory, as it is the preliminary information storage prior to its movement to the long-term memory. Regular training with "Pathfinder" improves the interaction between the different parts of the brain, stimulates your mind to work on the active memory and recall all the information obtained during training.

What It Gives

Each of us has different intellectual abilities. This is largely determined by the nature, but you also have the opportunity, with the help of brain fitness, to improve your thinking, memory and attention. The "Pathfinder" game and the results of your training will be reflected in your everyday life. You will reduce the number of unpleasant situations, when you miss important events, forget phone numbers, can not concentrate on a specific process. Step by step, the amount of your short-term memory will increase. Training will help improve the tone of your intelligence, because since school, university, with monotonous and narrow profile work ,our memory inevitably deteriorates. BrainApps service will help to remember more pleasant moments, remember the vivid emotions, and to be truly effective in the creative or professional activities.


In the "Pathfinder" game, a certain order footprints of various animals will appear in the field. The player's task is to remember the sequence and answer correctly, depending on the issue. We made the game more interesting and exciting, incorporating the gameplay with not only direct, but also the reverse sequence. Thus, the player remembers the images that appear, but does not know the correct answer, before the question is asked. The adaptive mechanism will respond to your results. The mistake will lead to lowering of the level of difficulty and loss of the game life, the correct response would complicate the sequence and add bonus points to your score.

How We Developed It

The simplest versions of logic games and simulators for the memory existed since ancient Greece and India. Games for the development of intelligence are gaining popularity, and BrainApps service remains one of the best platforms for regular training of intelligence. "Pathfinder" is the result of reworking of algorithm of memorizing the sequence of images simple and familiar to everyone. Our game is dynamic, interesting and fascinating, thanks to the convenience, simplicity and the ability to compare your results in a personal account. The spatial component, the need to identify images and intricate questions heat interest in this atmospheric game.

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