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  • Develops memory capacity
  • Improves visual memory
  • Enhances spatial memory


The famous scientist, Allan Baddeley, formed a theory, according to which the working memory model is a part of long-term memory, which includes a short-term memory. For an ordinary reader, this may mean that development of short-term memory improves the performance of work and long-term memory. By analyzing and memorizing visual sketches, you increase the number of connections between neurons, which leads to an increase in data capacity of your brain. The traveling salesman problem is a great opportunity to "exercise" the brain, strengthen memory performance, thinking, spatial components. The "Find a Coin"game organically intertwined interesting trainer algorithm, and effective method of intellectual development.

How It Works

It is known that to keep the information for a short period, right frontal and occipital lobes of the brain are activated. Visually, spatial sketches that appear when viewing answers, are placed in short-term memory. It is believed that the larger object person is able to remember, the better the memory. Training on "Find a Coin" is effective, since you can play with the optimum load, gradually expanding the capabilities of your consciousness.

What It Gives

After a few lessons on the trainer from BrainApps team, you will find the ability to focus, to remember more details. Forgetfulness is largely due not only to the physiology or obtained abilities and skills, but also to how you use memory, if it happens regularly or not, with which intensity. The greater is the volume of pulse passing through the neural network, the easier it is to record or reproduce information. In addition to the need to train memory in the younger generation, training for middle-aged and elderly people is also useful. If you are actively engaged in the intelligent trainers, the risk of mental retardation is significantly reduced, it will also help to keep your memory at a high working condition, and keep thinking rapid. Person is able to remember more letters, since they group letters into words, or syllables, while coping with a spatial component is a bit more complicated. That is why a large number of trainers are based exactly on visual effects and sequences.


Imagine yourself as a traveling salesman who needs to visit many homes in a densely populated neighborhood. If you click on a house and find a coin — congratulations, you are on the right track. The task is to collect all the coins on the playing field. However, you can not get to places you have been to, or to those the coins were found in. Otherwise, your mission will be at the risk of failure. Each successfully passed stage will increase the difficulty level.

How We Developed It

The first time mentioning of the traveling salesman problem was in 1832. Then, the focus was on optimization of the trips to let the deliverymen perform more work in less time. This task has acquired the psychological aspect in terms of the development of cognitive functions in the mid-twentieth century, when the psychologists all over the world became interested in the mechanisms of remembering and reproducing information. The "Find a Coin" game is ideal for those who like to play guessing games, hide and seek, games on memorization. BrainApps team creates interesting and various trainers, which are suitable for even the most demanding players. We monitor the progress of your development, and you have the opportunity to get informed on your progress in your personal account.

Game is based on scientific theory

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