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Fast Addition

  • Develops creativity
  • Improves attention concentration
  • Enhances thinking speed


Do you know that there are more than billion neurons in the human brain? Each of them is connected with thousands of other neurons located in different parts of the brain. If we imagine that one neuron is capable of storing only one memory item, then our brain would be comparable to the flash drive. However, the performance and capabilities of intelligence are much higher. And in terms of capacity, our memory is capable of storing millions of gigabytes of information, and to perform lightning-fast manipulations with it. The "Fast Addition" game will help you to keep your mind in shape, strengthen interconnections between the active parts of the brain, engage working memory, attention, thinking to solve simple mathematical operations.

How It Works

The human brain is a digital camera, notebook, book and calculator at the same time. Every second, it makes decisions, processes the information and gets answers to the questions. At around 45 years age, the deterioration of the brain begins, the person loses focus, the quality of memory dramatically decreases. BrainApps service and our trainers are an excellent way to preserve & improve mental ability, even in the elderly age and have a good time. The "Fast Addition" game is designed to develop logical thinking, because, when activating parts of the brain that are responsible for this function, data exchange rates through short-term memory are increased.

What It Gives

Scientists estimate that every 18-20 months, the amount of digital information in the world is doubled. This means that our lives are systematically flooded by figures, graphs, formulas and statistical data. The "Fast Addition" game helps with better perception, analysis and assimilation of the digital information. You will quickly learn to count in your mind, will notice increase in your life quality through the active use of your evolved mathematical abilities. Improving your intelligence through regular training, you can saturate your life with bright emotions of the new victories, learn to control your abilities, to concentrate better, this will have a positive impact on the life and career.


The player is offered a sequence of digits. The challenge is that you need to select one or more addends, sum of which is equal to the number shown. A mistake will result in the loss of game lives, the more correct answers — the higher is the difficulty of passing the training. BrainApps team improved common game algorithm, adding the ability to use several summands to achieve the required sum, occurrence of the following tasks for the player to expand their thinking and to think on multiple tasks in parallel.

How We Developed It

Games like "Fast Addition" have been existing for a long time. Even in the times of ancient Greece,  students passed such tests as a warm-up in the arithmetic classrooms. BrainApps service is created specifically for those people who value simplicity, convenience and result. Our trainers are suitable for people of any age and proved to be effective on practice. You'll be able to check the progress of your development, examining the statistical data according to the results of trainings in detail. "Fast Addition" is a dynamic and fun trainer that will not let you get bored. It is ideal for those who do not like traditional forms of training, but have a few minutes of time in the middle of the working day to warm up or get rid of stress. Thanks to the system of score calculation, the games have competitive component for self-stimulation or challenging friends for the first place in the results.

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