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Do you want to optimise the operation of your business? Tired of paying rent for square metres of office space? Do outdated ways of co-ordinating the work of your employees take up a lot of energy? Learn useful skills and techniques for working remotely here. Work out and progress with BrainApps.
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Why do you need to master remote work technologies?

All kinds of epidemics, lock-outs and quarantines will no longer be a burden on your business

The cost part of your budget will be greatly "slimmed down" by the amount of rent and other associated items of expenditure. You will forget the expression "office plankton"

All of your company’s operational activities will be visible in the palm of your hand

4. You will get acquainted with 50 useful application programs for optimizing business processes

Learn about the legal aspects of remote workers

The process of psycho-adaptation of the transition to remote working by the company is described in detail

Work super-effectively

Why do we need to develop attention?

Let’s try to find answers to such burning questions:

Can you find a balance between personal space and involvement in the production process?

Are there options for comfortable practical solutions in equipping remote workplaces?

How can remote working skills improve your company’s customer services?

Course features and content

By studying the Remote Working course you will be able to reconfigure the business processes in your area of activity to meet modern requirements and implement technology solutions that are easy to work with.

8 lessons

Interesting theory


A selection of software for remote working.

Clear examples of workplace design and online employee communication and interactions with your customers.

The illustrations and infographics provided in the materials make the information clearer and more memorable for the reader.

Adaptive program

Introduce time-responding technologies with BrainApps

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