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Project Management Course

Online training to develop management skills. Best motivation techniques, teamwork rules, effective communication methods. Become the most effective manager with BrainApps online training!
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Why this course is useful?

At the end of the training, you will have mastered the tools you need to achieve project delivery.

Don’t know where to start and how to organise the process? The training will teach you how to structure information, how to allocate tasks to the right people.

Building a team

Do you think no one will do the job better than you? Learn how to delegate tasks, how to select the right people for the job.

Project development

At the end of the training, you can learn how to identify the inclinations of project participants and guide them in the right direction. The effectiveness of a team depends to a large extent on the actions of the leadership.


Employees don’t want to work? A good incentive is needed. You can combine carrot and stick methods in the right proportions.


It is impossible to achieve a common goal without interaction between people. With the help of project communication management tools, you will set up a team to work together and learn how to mitigate conflict situations.

Project management understanding

The training will help you to develop and systematise your knowledge of project and people management, to master effective tools and to improve your ability to adapt to change.

Become a super-efficient manager

Why develop project management skills?

Why develop project management skills?

Teamwork is an important resource for getting things done. It can be difficult for people to build relationships within a team and for a manager to organise staff in a way that achieves results. We have put together some authoring techniques for developing the skills to manage project teams and internal processes.

BrainApps’ online training will build the ability to find and attract valuable employees and to combine teamwork and leadership. Practical exercises allow you to practise communication skills with playful examples. During the training, an understanding of how to manage internal conflicts, find a compromise and come to a mutually beneficial agreement will be formed.

What is the scope of the knowledge gained from this course?

Improving competence

The world is not standing still. The methods studied in higher education institutions are, for the most part, outdated. The use of irrelevant knowledge leads to unsatisfactory project results. Both management and subordinates need to improve.

Building a career

Not everyone has the opportunity to take on a management position straight away. Experience is gained through teamwork. In order to grow into a leader, you need to start thinking like a leader: think ahead and see prospects. It is possible that those "above" will notice and appreciate your efforts.

Training content

Do you want to learn how to manage projects but are starved for time? Then our course is for you.

Over 30 practical exercises

Exercises help to develop a comprehensive vision for implementing projects from scratch to the final implementation stage.

Interesting theory

Structured theoretical block with clear infographics and slides

Adaptive program

Improve your project management knowledge and skills with BrainApps

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