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Presentation Skills Course

Do you often perform in public? Improve your skills with online training from BrainApps.
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Why this course is useful?

Do you want people to listen to every word you say? By completing a course from BrainApps, you will have mastered the art of communicating information verbally and non-verbally.
The Power of Persuasion
The Power of Persuasion

You will learn how to influence people through public speaking techniques. The training will take you to a new level of presentation. You will not only be able to think about WHAT to say, but you will know HOW to do it.


Whisper or shout? Some people don’t have a strong voice, and it determines how the audience perceives the performance. You will find the right balance for your body.

Gesticulation, mimiska
Gesticulation, mimiska

Speech is not just speech. Most people’s visual perception is better developed than their auditory one. The "picture" must match what you are saying, and the facial expression must support what you are saying. You will learn all the subtleties of non-verbal communication.


What is it and how do you find it? Once you are aware of your strengths, you can use them in presentations, workshops, training sessions.


A person with a straight posture looks noble. Keeping your back straight is useful not only when performing.

Learning in comfort
Learning in comfort

For newcomers who have no experience of public speaking, it is much easier to start practising at home, in front of a mirror, than in front of a live audience.

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What is public speaking for?

What is public speaking for?

Public speaking (rhetoric) is a sought-after skill that has been valued since ancient times. Only a few are naturally gifted with it. They become leaders, managers, teachers and businessmen. Everyone else can develop the right skills through special exercises. The ability to speak in public is necessary even for students who are presenting their diplomas.

What else?

Our presentation skills course is designed by top experts and scientists in cognitive psychology to ensure high effectiveness, with a minimal investment of personal time.
Presentations at work

Does your job involve making presentations? By taking a public speaking course, you can easily convince your audience of the feasibility of your idea. Advertisers, PR people, marketers will be able to attract investment.

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Public speaking skills are not just for professional speakers. You need to be able to communicate with your colleagues in a businesslike way. You will gain the trust of your colleagues by speaking clearly and logically. A promotion may be just around the corner.

Conversation skills

Conversational skills are essential for socialisation. A man who speaks clearly usually does not suffer from loneliness. A woman who knows what is appropriate to say is admired by the stronger sex.

Presentation and Public Speaking Course Programme

Our course consists of several blocks, including theory and practical exercises. During the training one trains to speak correctly, hones one’s gestures and analyses mistakes. With online training one can prepare for important events such as conferences, presentations, debates, interviews, etc.

A balanced combination of theory and practice

8 exciting lessons

Unique authoring

11 tests to assess your knowledge and public speaking skills

Adaptive program

Become a master of words with BrainApps

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