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Negotiation Course

Best exercises and techniques to develop business communication skills. Learn how to make profitable contracts with BrainApps!
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Why this course is useful?

You will get the opportunity to develop such useful skills:
Interacting with VIPs

You will learn how to be confident when talking to celebrities and invited guests. You will not be embarrassed by the status of your conversation partner.


Knowing the rules of business etiquette will help you avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. Tactful communication will create a positive image for you and the company you represent.


Are you worried of your manners giving away your not-so-elite origins? You will learn how to position yourself in the business community

Aiming to achieve results

Do you want to organise a delivery, close a good deal, negotiate a discount? After taking this course, you’ll be able to use all the tools of business communication to get the results you want.

No fear

Upcoming conferences and meetings are no longer a reason to be afraid to speak to the community. You will learn how to get your message across to your target audience.

Ability to establish long-term partnerships

Once you’ve established yourself positively during communication, you’ll gain the trust of business partners and be able to conclude long-term contracts.

Become a super effective negotiator

Why developing negotiation skills?

Why developing negotiation skills?

In a highly competitive environment, companies are trying harder and harder to win their place in the sun. The best contracts are won by those who have an image, who know how to "present themselves", who know negotiation techniques and who can understand the psychology of the interlocutor. Well-established communication with the client increases sales. Unreasonable, tactless behaviour can lead to losses.

The business communication course includes theory, which informs you about negotiation styles and techniques. You learn how to build a dialogue, what the stages of negotiation are and how to get out of difficult situations. Psychological techniques will enable you to avoid conflicts and steer the course of things in the right direction. Exercises will help you to consolidate your skills in practice.

Anyone who conducts business, works with foreign partners, conducts negotiations or wants to move up the career ladder needs to know the rules of business communication.

Our course will help you to deal more successfully with such problems:

Get a good job

The first impression of a jobseeker is formed at the job interview. Employers pay less attention to appearance and education and more to the applicant’s tongue-in-cheek and sense of purpose. Some simple exercises will help you to practise before the coming event. You will definitely prove yourself in a positive way!

Career acceleration

Many professions require the ability to communicate with people. Managers, marketers, HR professionals have the opportunity to develop skills and apply them for career advancement.

Harmonisation of relationships within the team

Does the work environment remain poor? Misunderstandings between employees are leading to conflicts that reduce performance? Find out how to build relationships with colleagues within a framework of corporate ethics and discipline.

Negotiation skills programme

Do you want to develop your negotiation skills but are starved for time? Then our course is for you.

6 lessons

Minimum of dry theory

High-quality content

Illustrations encourage quick memorization of information through visual perception

Adaptive program

Become a professional in business communication with BrainApps

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