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Learn special techniques and methods that make it easier to remember the right information
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You will learn:

Skills to help in school, work and daily activities
Memorize numbers

For example, SMS codes or phone numbers

Remember important dates

You will no longer forget about a friend’s birthday or parents’ wedding anniversary

Learn languages faster

Increase your vocabulary

Learn information faster

Exam preparation will be easier

Remember names and faces

There will no longer be that awkward situation where you do not remember the name of the interlocutor who introduced himself 10 minutes ago

Keep passwords in mind

You will no longer forget the password to the site or the PIN from a bank card

And amaze others with your super abilities ;-)


What is mnemotechnics?

This is a set of special techniques and methods that facilitate the memorization of the necessary information. The methodology is based on the system of building associations, as a natural mechanism of human memory.

Course composition:

You get not just a theory, but a complex system of memory development.

7 lessons

Interesting theory

Key methods

6 basic memorization methods

9 brain games

Unique authoring

Mnemonic lifehacks

Interesting mnemonics that make life easier

Adaptive program

Achieve more with BrainApps Mnemics course

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