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Memory course

We collected best practices, useful techniques and exercises for the rapid development of memory. Being engaged in a few minutes a day, you can develop the ability to effectively memorize even complex information.
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Why this course is useful?

Memory is needed to solve almost any problem
Memorize more details

You will be as bright as Sherlock Holmes

Remember important dates

You will not forget about a significant event, as last time ;-)

Learn languages easier

You can quickly memorize new words and the most complex rules

To study more efficiently

Mastering new information will be faster

To easily find the way in new places

You will no longer forget where you left the car in the parking lot

To remember names and faces fast

Conquer the sympathy of the interlocutor to yourself, referring to him by name

Use the power of your brain to the maximum

Why do we need good memory?

Why do we need good memory?

The most common complaint of people in everyday life is a bad memory, and it does not matter whether it is the name of the first teacher or where the keys to the apartment are.

Thanks to a unique interactive technique, our course works effectively for children, adults and the elderly. We will learn how to memorize a lot, quickly, accurately reproduce information, concentrate on the task. Memory is the basis for mental activity, on which our intellectual abilities largely depend.

Memory development program

Do you want to develop a memory, but you are sorely lacking time? Then our course is for you.

7 lessons

Interesting theory

7 brain games

Unique authoring

Intro and Final Tests

To assess the current level and results

Adaptive program

Daily training will adapt to your progress

Adaptive program

How does it work?

Our memory development course was developed by the best specialists and scientists in the field of cognitive psychology, which ensures high efficiency, with minimal investment of personal time.
Individual program

A special algorithm, developed in collaboration with scientists, will select interesting and useful tasks for you to effectively develop memory. A modern look and advanced research will help simplify your lessons, make them effective and not time consuming.

Interesting brain games

7 unique games-simulators for memory improvement and adaptive training program. Well-thought-out scientific base. Beautiful, interesting and very useful.


We tried to make your training interesting, and an advanced statistics system will allow you to monitor the frequency of training and progress. You can also compare your results with other users.

Develop your memory with BrainApps

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