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Do you want to develop your design thinking? We’ve put together some useful techniques to train your brain. You only need a few minutes a day. Learn how to generate original ideas and become the most creative with BrainApps.
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Why this course is useful?

By taking the Creative Thinking course you will be able to succeed in any area of work.
Solve non-standard problems

Can’t handle innovation well? You will discover impressive prospects with the help of creative thinking.

Become a popular person

Wit, entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity - these are the traits that characterise successful people. Some people are naturally gifted with these traits, others can nurture them. With these qualities, you will become interesting in the eyes of others. It’s a great way to expand your social circle and make useful acquaintances.

Make life more interesting

Eating the same food every day and complaining about the boring life? People with a creative mindset and people with a standard mindset use the same set of foods differently. But this is not about food anymore.

Improve your skills

It’s not enough to be born a creative person. Potential needs to be developed. After the gym, the muscles become pumped and embossed. The result of "pumping" of thinking is not written on the face, but perfectly demonstrated by effective actions.

See the world through the eyes of a child

Why are children’s actions so unpredictable? Think back to that carefree time, unconstrained by conventions and rules. Children wonder and rejoice wholeheartedly, passionately. If you plunge into this state, a flood of ideas is guaranteed.

Break stereotypes

People have an inherent craving for invention. Thanks to these qualities, you read this sentence from a gadget and the lights go on above your head. Anything out of the ordinary is met with hostility from society. But someone has to break patterns, otherwise we’d still think the Earth is flat. Perhaps this is your mission?

Become super efficient

Why do we need to develop attention?

Why design thinking?

The training contains lessons aimed at revealing different sides of design thinking. You can learn to think outside the box, focus on the goal, and develop your creative imagination.

Creativity is valued in today’s world. Positions that involve generating new ideas pay well.

Improve the quality of work

Artistic people often experience a crisis - a state of not being able to come up with anything new. This can be caused by physical or mental fatigue, by being immersed in a routine.

Advertisers, marketers, writers need food for thought. You can activate hidden resources and put them to work.

Take control of life

Creativity-oriented people don’t complain about life. They create it themselves. Do you feel like Neo from The Matrix? You have the power to run your own life. All you have to do is change your way of thinking to see the world around you differently.

Business owners

In a highly competitive environment, it is essential to have a " trick" that will highlight the company’s advantages. Creativity implies jumping up several rungs at once. This is impossible with formal logic alone.

Design Thinking Development Program

Do you want to develop design thinking, but you are desperately short of time? Then our course is for you.

4 lessons

Interesting theory. Unique author’s elaborations

Workshop on creative thinking

Multitasking exercises that develop imagination, out-of-the-box perception of the simplest objects and phenomena, inventiveness and creative imagination.

Adaptive program

Develop design thinking with BrainApps

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