Seven psychological types damaging your life


Did you come up with when it seemed that the success gained was nothing more than a coincidence? Or that the case for which you took, will fail, due to the fact that not enough strength to finish the job? You do not need to immediately call yourself a complete lazy or incompetent person, because the cause of life’s troubles can hide in psychological phenomena. Some of them are unfamiliar to many.

Angry watchman

Surely you had to contact with people who work at the highest position, but use their powers for other purposes and are constantly trying to assert themselves at the expense of others. For example, they constantly ask to submit not only important, but also completely unnecessary documentation, introduce additional “rules”, not provided for in the job description, aimed at creating bureaucratic red tape. At the same time, they behave rudely with downstream colleagues, and communicate well with acquaintances and superiors. Such people can not adjust their personal lives, so they always attack another victim, throwing out anger and resentment for bad luck.

f you are faced with a “watchman”, do not pay attention to his behavior or conflict. Feel confidence, firmness, specify requests. The vulnerable point of such people is the fear of accepting real responsibility for themselves, and not responsibility invented by them, so do not hesitate to hint that their behavior often leads to bad consequences.

Resolute duckling

As soon as the ducklings emerge from the egg, the first thing they see is their mother. Whether it is a real, other animal, man, or even an ordinary object. This phenomenon is called “imprinting”. With some people, this can happen, and one of its forms is duckling syndrome. At the automatic level, a person begins to consider an immaculate thing, the first thing he sees, even if it is a contradictory objective reality. Often, people who have such a syndrome do not perceive the opinions of others at all. If you have seen similarities with this psychological state behind you, it is necessary to analyze the thoughts: why do you think so specifically and not differently? Show interest in opinions about a specific subject of other people, study the material from various sources and only then draw conclusions.

White Rabbit in a panic

The White Rabbit from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” said: “Oh, my mustache! Oh, my ears! How late I am! ” Many of us had once been in a similar situation. Because of the current life rhythm, which dictates its ruthless conditions, we suffer from a lack of time, and the fear of not having time to turn into a catastrophe. If you feel that you are like the White Rabbit, you should:

Move the time ten minutes ahead.

To prioritize plans – from urgent to non-urgent, from important to minor. In the morning, make notes of what needs to be done and cross out every work done.

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Try to record how much time it took for each lesson or use a special application for this. Thus, it is possible to calculate how much time was spent on small, unimportant things (paging the news feed, correspondence in social networks, and so on).

Check if you are doing something that someone else could or should do.

Do not make a panic if it seems that a lot of things have come down at one time. A few minutes of calm and concentration will not affect the affairs themselves, but they can affect the state and efficiency.

“Monk for three days”

It is unlikely that there is such a person who at least once did not begin to engage in business, but threw him after a short time. If this happens all the time, then it can fill life with unnecessary difficulties and prevent us from achieving big, important goals. To get rid of the monk for three days syndrome, follow the advice of the writer Leo Babauta, who wrote a book about human self-organization:

  • Forcing yourself, you just kill the desire, you should find a positive motivation. For example, some have a run – “torture”, while others have a pleasant process of enjoying nature, purifying thoughts.
  • It is necessary to increase the load slowly, step by step, so that the desire does not burn out, and you do not overstrain.
  • It is important to remind yourself for the sake of what all this is needed and why, so as not to forget about your true dreams. If you know and remember about the generous reward at the end of the road, you will want to quit doing a lot less.
  • Do not doubt in your abilities, in yourself and in the fact that everything must turn out. Just keep going to the goal without giving up.

Dorian Gray

The “Portrait of Dorian Gray” syndrome is present in people who invest all their strength in preserving youth and beauty. To achieve this goal, they will do anything, use a variety of cosmetics, visit surgeons without end. This syndrome is most often found in public figures. This affects singers, actors and other stars. As a result, the risk of falling into a prolonged depression and trying to commit suicide is great. Such a syndrome may have people far from the world of show business, due to the prosperity in the society of the cult of youth, ideal forms and faces.

What to do if pursuing annoying thoughts about the approaching old age and the past best years of life? Psychologists say that it is necessary to pay attention to their health, to start playing sports, a business that you have long dreamed of devoting yourself to and meeting new people. Youth is not only the outer shell, but also the state inside. A man is young when his interest in life is burning in him, when he is eager to learn many new things, to get pleasure and impressions.

Eternal hard Monday

Many working people, students of universities and schools felt a difficult, strange condition, before starting the next working week. This is a sudden severe fatigue, apathy, dizziness and lack of appetite. Sometimes those who love their work and business face this. Therefore, Monday syndrome should not be attributed to the usual laziness.

If you also encounter such sensations, then you should:

  • Go to bed before midnight to get enough sleep. Often a flaccid state may be hiding in sleep.
  • Plan your work days and follow the points so as not to leave unfinished business for the next week.
  • Before Monday, a lot of walking on the street, and in the evening to get into a warm relaxing bath.
  • In the workplace, appear ten minutes early. This is necessary to eliminate the rush and quick start. Coming in advance, you will drink coffee, chat with colleagues, tune in before a hard day’s work after the weekend.


People who suffer from this condition do not have the ability to adequately assess their achievements. Achieving success, they say that this luck smiled at them, or that they got to the right place and time. As a result, they feel that they are deceivers, even if they are very intelligent and competent.

To remove signs of an impostor, it is necessary to put the focus not on the end point, but on the process itself. It is during the journey to the desired goal, we get the most valuable thing that can be. Thus, there will be no desire for an impeccable result, but only a recognition of what you have to strive for. At the same time, it is important to forgive every mistake or mistake.

It is important to share with family and friends what you are worried about. Thus, it can be understood that do not belong to impostors. There is an opinion that even Albert Einstein sometimes suffered from such thoughts. When you realize that there are many people (maybe even your idols) suffering from the same condition, it will be easier to come to rethink your fears and get rid of them.

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