How to improve brain performance?


The human brain is the organ through which we receive mental exertion every day. It depends on how productively a person can work, think broadly and develop. Sometimes it happens that we cannot concentrate for a long time, gather together forces and accomplish everything that is planned. The slightest influence of external factors leads to distraction and irritability. Minor troubles are followed by insomnia, depression and even depression. To avoid such manifestations of the “tired” brain and live in harmony with the outside world, our responsible body should be trained.


A simple trick — every day to learn something new. It does not matter from which field of knowledge you will draw information, the main thing is to make it interesting. You can write out and memorize ten words of a foreign language every day or look in the explanatory dictionary every time an unfamiliar word comes across. View news more often. It is interesting to follow not only the policies and events in different countries, but also to know what novelties science and technology can make happy.

Closer to the sun

Even nature itself is ready to help a person think more effectively. The benefits of walking in the fresh air have long been known, but did you know that vitamin D, which is produced in the body under the influence of sunlight, has a positive effect on brain activity? By simple experiments, scientists found that those who spend hours in offices under artificial light are prone to slowing down reactions and slowing down the brain. Therefore, open the blinds and go for a walk.

All dancing!

An unexpected interesting fact is that dancing makes the brain work faster. If you think it is logical. When a person dances, his body works synchronously with his thoughts, exchanging information with each other about which part of the body a particular movement must perform, and what feelings a person experiences. Hurry up to sign up for salsa lessons and have a good night off at the club.

Useful games

Adults also need games! Have fun and practice your thinking through games — what could be nicer? And if you gather a company of relatives and friends and spread out “Monopoly” right on the floor, an unusual and fun evening will come out. Strategy, quests or simulators — the choice is yours. The main thing is to know when to stop.

Partake of the beautiful

Who said that learning poetry is the lot of schoolchildren? Do you want to surprise the company with a beautiful poetic toast or to please your loved one with rhymed confession in feelings? Then hurry to open a volume of poems and help your brain with active training. So you can not only gain the reputation of a refined personality, but also increase your productivity at work.

Eat right food

A set of substances entering the body with food, seriously affects the brain. Start with the habit of eating nuts, it is not only healthy food, but also a great way to stimulate the brain. Replace the usual sugar with honey, and you not only slow down the aging process in the body, but also accelerate the reaction to mental activity. Equip your body with iodine, snack on seaweed salad, and the brain will be grateful to you.

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