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Make the whole family smarter

We always want best for our family.
Train your cognitive skills on BrainApps
together with your family and compare your results. Our training programs are created
in collaboration with scientists and use proven methods.
And our promotional offer for families
makes them even more attractive.

Give your parents a useful gift

Think about what to give to mom, dad, sister or brother? Create a family account for access to our simulators. Such a gift will be useful and help to find a hobby, train memory and develop intelligence. Encourage your loved ones to have a good time, and they will be very grateful to you!

Train with friends

Challenge your friends, compare your results and
motivate each other. Efficiency has already been
proven, and group exercises can bring even more
pleasure. Take advantage of our promotional
offer — invite your friends.

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How to organize a group workout


First of all, group members have to sign up. It's free. Each group member will have an individual account .


Group payment plan is acquired by one person. After that, the owner can add or remove group members. The maximum number of members of the group is limited by the size of the acquired plan. You can perform actions with group members in the «Profile» section → «Payment plan»

Group workouts

Compare results in real time and conquer new tops in your life.

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