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Increase your productivity

The brain of a man without constant loads and with the same type of work very quickly begins to "miss". If your employees do not want to work, they are distracted by social networks and messengers, spend a lot of time in the smokers, we suggest starting the corporate tradition of intellectual games and training. Competitive spirit and the acquisition of useful skills will positively affect productivity!

Switch off ugly office everyday life!

Compete with colleagues in intellectual games, check wit, mindfulness, memory and logic. With the help of the corporate plan "Brain Fitness" will be available to all your employees. You will increase productivity, improve the corporate spirit and can find hidden talents of employees. Sitting in social networks and frequent smoke breaks will be replaced by a useful pastime.

Spec Version for developing centres

Corporate tariff will open access to a specially developed version of the service! Keep up to date, use advanced learning and development technologies. Integrate our games into your educational process and receive an influx of new customers. Games and simulators, the creation of which worked leading methodologists, psychologists and educators - are now in one place and ready to use!

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How many people will train?

For 3 monthspackage

( 6.00 per person per month)

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( 4.00 per person per month)


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How to organize a group workout


First of all, group members have to sign up. It's free. Each group member will have an individual account .


Group payment plan is acquired by one person. After that, the owner can add or remove group members. The maximum number of members of the group is limited by the size of the acquired plan. You can perform actions with group members in the «Profile» section → «Payment plan»

Group workouts

Compare results in real time and conquer new tops in your life.

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