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In modern life, in any professional industry, creativity is very much appreciated. This is not just a creative approach to business, but also non-standard thinking, searching for original ways to solve common problems. But how to develop non-standard, creative thinking? How to get rid of stereotypes and start thinking in an original way?

Develop analytical skills

Analytical thinking is useful not only in professional activities, but also in everyday life. It is important for modern man to be able to pick out the essence, main ideas from a huge amount of information, formulate conclusions from them, and draw the right conclusions. A person can not be creative, ate his analytical skills at a low level. Analysis of events and phenomena helps to find the original solution from any situation.

A good memory is a guarantee of the development of a creative person

A good memory helps a person to quickly find solutions, by analogy with past events and gained experience. It is very important to give a constant training of your memory, because without exercise this parameter of a person’s intelligence very quickly decreases. Exercising in a world full of gadgets is quite difficult. If earlier we remembered all important dates, now we delegate this to smartphones. In order not to let your memory stagnate, use our simulators. The speed of thinking and the amount of your memory will increase in proportion to the time spent on fitness for the brain.

Intuitive abilities

The field of creativity cannot be measured mathematically. That is why creative people often have excellent intuition. For example, talented fashion designers somehow predict what will be fashionable next season, and players on the exchange intuitively know where to expect a jump in currencies, and where — fail. Some critics of intuition say that you can only rely on logic. We sometimes recommend listening to your inner voice, and try to count the number of successful decisions. It is possible that the patterns of triggering intuition will amaze you.

Creative solution is a practical solution

A person must make not just creative decisions, they must remain practical. That is, creativity is only because it will be more profitable, more expedient, easier, faster … the list goes on and on.

The main thing is positive thinking

With negative attitudes, such as “Creative people are always unhappy,” “The world does not understand artists,” and so on, it will be difficult to achieve success. A creative and talented person will use his abilities in any area of life. Consider whether there is enough creativity in your life? If not, then you can work out fitness for the brain just 5 minutes a day to open new horizons and develop creative abilities.

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