TOP 3: The most interesting scientific paradoxes

Our planet contains innumerable mysteries and mysteries. Some of them were created a long time ago by Mother Nature herself. And to create some people put his hand. And in this case – the mind, or vice versa, its absence. Because much of what has been invented by man is not subject to its sound description. Both from a scientific and logical point of view.

On some issues, scientists around the world think for decades and in vain. To the same things are the three most unusual scientific paradoxes, which put in a deadlock all those who tried to solve them.

  • An honorable third place in this top is occupied by an interesting phenomenon, which was called “the paradox of a murdered grandfather.” Fortunately, in fact, no one killed anyone. It’s just a theory and assumptions. The bottom line is that you can assume that time travel is real. And it will mean that the teenager Misha (for example) could easily move into the past. And there he would probably be able to meet his grandfather when he was still a teenager. Theoretically, they could seriously quarrel and Misha would kill his relative. And since he was still a teenager, he is still unmarried with his future wife and he did not have any children. So, Misha’s parents were not born, and he himself – was not born as a consequence. And since the boy was not born into the world, he could not have gone to the past. And if he could move, it would mean that he cannot kill his grandfather, otherwise he will not be in the future tense. Whatever it was, logic is giving way to such a task.
  • The silver rank and the middle position of the top are given to the “liar paradox”, which sounds like “Everybody lies,” in the original. In ancient times, one person, whose name was Epimenides, said that absolutely all the Cretans lie. His statement was considered the norm until a certain point. Namely, while one of the scientists who live in the modern world, was not interested in this interesting case. The name of the scientist Gregory House and he was able to refute the ancient saying. The man pondered over this paradoxical phenomenon for a long time and came to the conclusion that the speaker himself lied. After all, if all the Cretans lie, then he accordingly does it too, because he is a Cretan. And if you imagine that the person told the truth, it turns out that not all of them are liars and his statement is not truthful. And if the statement is not truthful, then he himself lied, because he is a Cretan. The puzzle is still obtained. Above it you can think for a very long time and it always leads to a closed circle of utterances.
  • And the most interesting and inexplicable phenomenon that scientists have been keeping quiet for years has been, “The paradox of a sober and drunkard.” The name itself is already intriguing. And the essence of this phenomenon is this: if you follow the logic, then in any bar there is at least one drunkard. And when he drinks, then, according to the logic, all other visitors to the institution drink together. Well, when other people drink, he also drinks. With this, everything is clear, nothing unusual. But, given the fact that there is another statement … According to common sense, in any bar, at least one visitor is always sober, since he does not drink. He does not drink, regardless of what everyone else does. And if he drinks, it does not mean that others do the same. After all, according to the law of logic, one of the visitors is always sober.

Proceeding from all this, the question is ripening: but the truth is where? If the first statement is correct, then the second is an error. And if the second is true, then the first is nonsense. If they are not compared, then they are both true. But, the main thing is not to interlace them, otherwise there will be confusion, and the conclusion is that they are not true both.

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