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To learn the basics of English
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Why this course is useful?

Having completed an English course from BrainApps, you will receive basic knowledge for free communication in many countries of the world.
Learn the most used words
Learn the most used words

Understanding the dialogue keywords

Maximum time and effort savings
Maximum time and effort savings

Total 850 most important English words

The basis for further study of English
The basis for further study of English

Basic foreign language skills

Free travel communication
Free travel communication

Ability to ask and answer questions

Improving the skills of perception of oral speech
Improving the skills of perception of oral speech

Creating sentences for expressing thoughts

System for effective results
System for effective results

Expansion of boundaries and self-improvement

Valuable baggage of knowledge, which is useful anywhere. Take the first step to integrate into the modern world

Basic English feature

Basic English feature

The history of the development of English as an international language explains the existence of many of its dialects. Even in the UK there are at least 5 large groups of speech varieties. That is why, English-speaking people from different countries often feel some discomfort when communicating. In the first half of the 20th century, linguist Charles Kay Ogden proposed using Basic English - simplified English, for representatives of other language communities.

Basic English consists of 850 most used words in everyday life. Knowing them, as well as the basic rules of grammar, the user acquires the skills for conducting simple dialogues. It requires minimal effort. This method of learning allows you to express your thoughts while traveling, and is the foundation for those who plan to study English.

Basic English course allows you to master the material in a short time

This learning system is built on a logical chain:

  • Learning words.
  • The formation of the plural, and the learning of the words of the exceptions.
  • Terms of use articles and verbs.
  • Study 100 words denoting action.
  • Rules for the expression of quality, degree.
  • Building questions and answers to them.
  • Past, future and present.
  • Consolidation of knowledge.
Basic English

Course composition:

You get not just a theory, but a complex system of learning English.

7 lessons

The combination of a clear theory and entertaining practical tasks.

6 brain games

Designed specifically for the BASIC course


Convenient mechanism for memorizing words

Personal training program

Create your own learning dictionaries as part of the course

Adaptive program
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