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Rules of assertive behavior
Few people clearly understand what assertiveness is and how it helps in everyday life. However, each
What is the APA style, and where it is applied
If you perceive studies at a university not only as an opportunity to get a coveted diploma but as a
Absurdism and its ideas
Have you ever noticed that our life is full of absurdity? There are too many things around, not succumbing
Types and genres of theatrical art
A creative person must be developed in a variety of areas, including in the field of art. You can develop
Anchoring in psychology and the fundamentals of NLP
If it seems to you that the title of the article is of a marine theme, then you are mistaken.
IQ ranges and their interpretation
[no_toc] The highest level of IQ has the Australian mathematician, the author of the Green-Tao theorem
Motivation and Personality by Abraham Maslow
Have you ever had any problems with motivation? And the feeling that you do not understand yourself?
What is personal SWOT analysis?
If you want to achieve success in life, then pay attention to the personal SWOT analysis, which only
We use only 10% of our brain: myth or fact?
The human brain is an organ, which until now has not been fully studied by scientists, and raises many
Occam’s Razor
People always try to make their life easier, make it more understandable. There are many philosophical
Interesting facts about personality
Do you often use the word “personality” in your speech? Have you ever thought about its meaning?
Thinking Development Course and More Good News
Hello! Today we are launching a new module of our project – the Thinking Development Course.
New Courses of BrainApps
Summer is the traditional season for vacations. People have a rest from work, lounge on the sunny beaches