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Information processing in the brain: let’s talk about the central and autonomic nervous system
Central nervous system (abbreviated CNS) is formed by the brain, occupying the cranial cavity, and the
How to use the focal method
In the modern world, so many inventions, discoveries, novelties, it would seem, was invented all that
Lüscher’s eight-color test
Lüscher’s test allows you to determine the many facets of a person’s personality, in particular
Логическое мышление Self-development
How to develop logical thinking
Logical thinking implies the ability to build relationships between facts and phenomena, to separate
Как развить аналитическое мышление Self-development
How to develop analytical thinking and become successful?
Many business gurus in their books or on training start communicating with the audience from what point
How to develop mathematical thinking in a child?
Mathematics is called the queen of all sciences for a reason. Mikhail Lomonosov said that it brings the
Divergent thinking
Divergent thinking is a method of thinking, which implies a creative approach and the search for several
How to develop sanogenic thinking
Sanogenic is one of the most important types of thinking, which must be developed from early childhood.
Abstract thinking
Parents usually begin to develop the thinking of children only when there are already some problems.
TOP 3: The most interesting scientific paradoxes
Our planet contains innumerable mysteries and mysteries. Some of them were created a long time ago by
I-structural test of Ammon
The Ammon test allows you to identify any mental deviations in the structure of the personality from
How to solve sudoku – ways, methods and strategy
 Sudoku is a popular form of leisure, which is a puzzle with numbers, which is also called a magic square.
How to draft a business plan correctly?
When creating a business, the question arises of its profitability, possible risks and many other nuances.
Psychological structure of personality
In psychology, the concept of personality is one of the most important, since this science deals with
The history of discovering of the Mendeleev’s periodic table
The discovery by Dmitry Mendeleev of the periodic table of chemical elements in March 1869 was a real